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enCurve: Creating Great Curves

enCurve is the easiest and the most comfortable method for reducing adipocytes through apoptosis-inducing radio frequency.

This device works by delivering a controlled energy deep into the adipocytes. The energy is transmitted using a specialized frequency (27.12 MHz)

to selectively target and heat adipocytes to the optimal temperature.

This heating effectively causes the denaturation of cells, leading to adipocyte’s death.

This proves to be the most effective treatment for body fat reduction, body contouring, skin firming, weight loss and inch loss.

The apoptosis-inducing radio frequency penetrates deep into the tissue, targeting the adipocytes

On reaching the adipocytes, the cells achieve a state of super-excitation and oscillate rapidly causing frictional heat

The energy and heat generated raise the adipocyte temperature to 45 degrees, at this point these cells start to denaturize.

This denaturation causes changes in the integrity of the adipocyte membrane, which leads to apoptosis (cell death), with expulsion of the intracellular lipid.


  •  Non-surgical body fat reduction

  •  Circumferential reduction

  • Skin firming

  • Weight loss/Inch loss

  • Body Contouring


 Why enCurve?

 • Easy to own and operate
• Perfect frequency that is effective at destroying adipocytes while protecting the epidermis and dermis
• Smart features allow for auto-adjustment of the power levels to minimize energy loss
• No consumables
• Personalized Impedance Synchronization Application (PISA™) ensures the best possible treatment outcomes
• Safely leave patient unattended, knowing that Air Mode is working to eliminate sweat on tissue


How it works?

The apoptosis-inducing shortwaves penetrate deep into the tissue, targeting the adipocytes. The adipocytes are super excited and oscillate rapidly causing frictional heat. The frictional heat raises the adipocyte temperature to 45 degrees at which point the cells denaturize. This denaturation causes changes in the integrity of the adipocyte membrane, which leads to apoptosis (cell death), with expulsion of the intracellular lipid. The body’s natural removal process then takes over, removing the damaged cells, permanently removing the cells.


Lipolysis uses lasers to break fat cells apart, reducing the volume of fatty tissue. This process is also said to tighten the skin in the area where the treatment is applied. You may find that your skin is smoother and tighter than before. Overall, lipolysis offers similar benefits to other fat removal procedures.

Lipolytics are body shaping drugs that are widely used in cosmetology.  They are injected under the skin (by injections of the finest needles) and allow you to remove fat deposits on the abdomen, hips, face, neck, hands, in the decollate.

Lipolyess .jpeg
Arousha 2.jpeg



A world leader in pre-soaked, infused body wrap bandages, Arosha® features an exclusive wrapping technology system that offers personalized body treatments with stunning results.

Arosha features a combination of professional treatments (pre-packaged kits and à la carte bandages) and retail body care specifically created to target the appearance of cellulite, localized adiposity, poor circulation, as well as sagging and dehydrated skin. The wraps use prepackaged disposable bandages, infused with quality ingredients, to help you get the results your clients need.


Arosha is an express slimming programme and a personalized treatment which allows obtaining in a short-time and with no efforts or side effects the desired body shape by reducing the excess centimeters and improving the cellulite conditions.

What can Arosha do for you?

  • Reduces cellulite

  • Improves water retention

  • Firms, moisturizes and tones

  • Regenerates skin

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